Captain’s Treasure (捕鱼老船长的宝藏机) 游戏的方针是通过扭转转轴以得到一个赢奖标志组合。



单击屏幕左边的 + 能够 – 按钮决意您想要在每条赔付线上所下的弄注金额。
单击弄一个按钮概略转轴左边梗概右侧的赔付线编号抉择您想要下注的赔付线数目。比如,当您单击 3 号线时,您也同时决定了 1 号和 2 号线。每次单击弄一个按钮就多选择一条赔付线。单击弄最大按钮可以 9 号线可选择 所有赔付线。请记住,总弄注(即投入该局游戏的金额)便是所决议的线数乘以赔付线弄注。单击弄最大按钮也会积极篡改转轴。

Captain’s Treasure (fishing captain’s Treasure machine) game by reversing shaft policy is to obtain a winning symbol combination prize.

Game Nongfa:

Click the left of the screen + can – buttons determined the amount you want to bet on each payline are under.
Click a button to bet the number of lines a schematic outline of the shaft to the left to the right of Choice number of lines you want to bet. For example, when you click on the 3rd line, you also decided on the 1st and the 2nd line. Every time you click a button to bet one more choice of lines. Click the button to bet the maximum line 9 to select all paylines. Remember that the total bet (ie the amount of the council put the game) is multiplied by the number of lines of the resolution of lines bet. Click the button will bet the maximum positive tamper shaft.
Click tampering button (if you do not have press “bet max” words) rotation axis.
If the spindle is stopped after the show winnings combination (along the lines that you bet on), you win the corresponding prize in accordance with the table win rate. If you prefer, you can click the Paytable button to search paytable environment. Click the paytable button again blocked the paytable. Suppose you at the same time the number of paylines win, your winnings will accumulate.

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