Activation of lines displayed in the line with the top of the shaft to the performance. You can bet the endless clicking a button to activate the paylines Moreover searched their shape.


Please Preferred: As long as the active payline from the continuation of the symbols from the leftmost wheel is the winning combination of award winning trick. These rules do not apply to color pie mark. Independent of color send more dynamic identity token flag, see below.

This provision shall not apply color to send flags. Read on to understand color-independent faction symbols more movement.

Highway Kings (King’s highway) game by changing the spindle index is to obtain a winning symbol combination prize.

How to play:

Click the right of the screen + Possible – buttons determine the amount you want to bet on each payline are under.
The number of lines you want to bet determined bet click of a button you can outline the left of the left axis number of lines. Like, when you click on the 5th paylines, but also activation of 1 – the 4th paylines. Every time you click a button on the multi-resolution bet a payline. Click the button to bet the maximum selectable full general line 9 paylines. Remember that the total bet (ie the amount of investment in the council of the game) is to select the number of lines and line bet multiplied payment. Click the button will bet the maximum passive torsion shaft.
Click the change button (if you do not have press “bet max” words) torsion shaft.
If the shaft stops after displaying winnings combination (along an activated payline), you will follow the win rate table win bonus response. If you prefer, you can click the button to check the paytable odds Shencai condition. Click the Paytable button again to close the paytable. Assume that you win multiple paylines, your bonus will accumulate.

sbf888 Highway Kings (高速公路之王) 游戏的指数是经由改变转轴以获取一个赢奖符号组合。

单击屏幕右侧的 + 可能 – 按钮决定您想要在每条赔付线上所下的放注金额。
单击放一个按钮梗概转轴左边可以左边的赔付线编号决意您想要下注的赔付线数目。好比,当您单击 5 号赔付线时,同时也激活了 1 - 4 号赔付线。每次单击放一个按钮就多决议一条赔付线。单击放最大按钮笼统 9 号线可选择全数 赔付线。请记住,总放注(即投入该局游戏的金额)是选择的线数与赔付线放注的乘积。单击放最大按钮也会被动扭转转轴。


激活的赔付线用显示在转轴上方的线来表现。 您可以不息单击放一个按钮激活赔付线况且搜查它们的形状。

请属意: 只要在激活的赔付线上从转轮的最左边起延续的符号是赢奖组合伎俩赢钱。 这些规则不适用于彩派标记。 无关彩派标识表记标帜的更多动态,请见下文。


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